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Fences & Gates in Darwin

All Fence & Gates, in Darwin, is a Northern Territory manufacturer and installer of fences and gates that will stand the test of time in the Top End.
You’re in the right place to find quality fencing at the right price for any residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property.
For commercial and industrial areas, we have ideal security fencing and gate solutions.
Pool Fencing is also available at All Fence & Gates.
Black aluminium fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
The durability of our products is outstanding. These are fences and gates designed to stand up to the intense weather we experience in the Northern Territory—the distress of the Dry and the worst of the Wet.

Now in our 4th decade of operation and with a combined 100 years of experience among our personnel, choosing All Fence & Gates is a guarantee of excellence and value for your money.

We manufacture in-house at All Fence & Gates, which gives you the freedom to order custom sizes and designs. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours.

Our range of quality fencing focuses on the best products for conditions in the Northern Territory and includes:
  • ColorMAX® Colorbond Fencing
  • Slats & Louvres Fencing
  • Steel Picket Fencing
  • Farm Fencing
  • WALLMax Fencing
  • Security & Industrial Fencing
  • Pool & Garden Fencing
  • Letterboxes

ColorMAX Colorbond Fencing

All Fence & Gates is the sole distributor and stockist in the Northern Territory of ColorMAX® neighbour-friendly boundary fencing.

ColorMAX is fully cyclone-coded and is now included in the Deemed to Comply Manual. Australian-made and backed by the strength of a Bluescope Steel warranty, ColorMAX is available in pressed 3D lattice or LouvrLAT. There are 18 colours to choose from.
Colormax colorbond fencing — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

Pool & Garden

Pool fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
Our pool and garden gates are highly durable, and designed specifically for safety around the pool. Keep children and pets out, so there are no accidental entrances into the swimming area. Drowning is a number one cause of death among children and most incidents happen at someone’s home. Having the proper fences around your pool will prevent accidents.

Slats & Louvres

We have both steel and aluminium slatted gates to fit your needs. They can be fully custom made with vertical or horizontal slats, and the slats can be spaced however you wish to accommodate any level of privacy you choose. They can also be done in a range of colours to coordinate with your home décor.
Slat fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

Steel Picket Fencing

Steel Picket Fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
Unlike traditional timber picket fences, the Steel Picket Fence® manufactured from pregal steel then powder coated, or coated with DuraBond® for marine environments, is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. It never needs paintbrush application, just give it a periodic wash down to maintain a fresh finish.
Our steel picket fences won’t rot, warp, or deteriorate as timber picket fences can. Pickets can either be face welded or punched through the rail for a stronger, stylish construction if ever hit or vandalised. A traditional look that lasts!

Farm Fencing

Define your property, contain stock or add impact to your entrance with our post and rail farm fencing. Build a fence that lasts, manufactured and powder coated from Australian-made pre-galvanised Steel. Also available with 2, 3, or 4 rail options and 100x100 posts. Unlike conventional wood fencing, post and rail farm fencing is termite proof and fire-resistant, requiring no painting or maintenance.
Steel Picket Fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

Security & Industrial

Industrialized fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
We provide superior security and industrial fencing to keep any property safe from intruders. We can provide varied heights and materials, so you can fully customise your service to meet your exact specifications.