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All Fence & Gates is Darwin’s most prestigious fencing and gate specialist.

If you want your property and privacy to be secured by the best value-for-money fencing products available, you are in the right place.

Business owner and Managing Director, has more than 36 years of industry experience and the team has more than 100 years of combined experience among our specialist personnel.

We do it all—residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural.

The professionals at All Fence & Gates can do the heavy-lifting for you and handle installation with maximum efficiency. We’re OHSE accredited, which means safety is our priority.
Electric gate — Gates Darwin in Pinelands, NT
All our fences are ready for DIY installation, if you have the tools, the time, and the motivation. We supply comprehensive instructions.

These are products designed and manufactured to cope with the harsh conditions in the great outdoors here in the Territory.

For added rigidity and strength, our tubular fencing and gates are drilled through the rail. For rust prevention, we use silicon bronze wire in the welding process.

Nothing at all is lost in terms of visual appeal or functionality. Best of all, nothing is lost in the relentless sun and intense rain.

Our ColorMAX® steel boundary fencing is fully cyclone-coded and is included in the NT Deemed To Comply Manual (accepted construction manual for high wind areas).

Installed to manufacturer’s specifications, ColorMAX Boundary Fencing has a wind gust loading of 216km/h. It also meets Australian Standard As 1397, AS2728, AS4040.2 and AS/NZS1170.

With Colorbond®, you won’t need to replace any palings and you won’t need to oil or paint the fence. Instead, you simply hose it down once every 6 months.

For termites, there’s nothing to see with Colorbond. It’s also fire resistant.

The ColorMAX is also available in 2 profiles— ColorMAX® Original and ColorMAX® REFLECT™, which has the benefit of looking equally appealing on both sides.

You can choose from 24 Colorbond colours. You also have the option of ordering fencing in pressed 3D lattice, or LouvrLAT® with its angled louvre blades that work to reduce noise during strong winds.

All Fence & Gates has cornered the market on Territory-proofed Colorbond gates. Our gates are built to last. Rust—a time-honoured gate killer—is thwarted. We weld with silicon bronze. The steel is dipped in a treatment solution. It is 'kill rusted' to give total peace of mind and you’ll get a 5-year warranty included.

A gate made from Colorbond will serve you well. Colorbond is the material used to manufacture more than 80% of Australian gutters and fascias. Almost half of all the homes in Australia have Colorbond roofs.

Our fencing installation professionals will ensure the integrity of our ColorMAX products.

Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, you can order fencing products in your preferred sizing, design and colour. You can also easily add our letterboxes to our fencing because our tubular, picket and Colorbond fencing is made to accommodate them.

All Fence & Gates the exclusive distributor in the Northern Territory for ColorMAX fencing, Came Automatic Gates, Ditec automation and Beninca automation products, and Vater Hardware.

You are welcome to visit our showroom at 12 Mander Road, Pinelands. We can show you several great ideas for your property and you can view many of our products in person. If we don't have it in stock, we deal with the largest fencing manufacturers and suppliers in Australia to source your requirements.

In the meantime, if you need more information about our products and services, simply leave us a message using the enquiry form on our Contact page.

During business hours, of course, you can always phone us.

Customer Reviews for All Fence & Gates

Nothing beats customer feedback. The success of any business comes down to customers being happy with the products and services provided.

See what people are saying about All Fence & Gates. and then give us a call yourself to get your own attractive and durable fencing.

Great prices, excellent service Great customer service. Highly recommend!
Natalie - Darwin, NT

The guys at All Fence & Gates finished my fence on time and on budget. The fence looks great and my property is completely secured. Great job!
Peter – Australia

For efficient, professional and reliable service we went to All Fence & Gates NT. They did a fantastic job on the colour bond fence. Very happy with the finished product. Would highly recommend.
Terri – Darwin

Wanting a new fence and gate for security purposes, All Fence & Gates had great ideas on how we should go about it. They were professional, friendly and very patient. Love the new fence and gate.
Paul - Pinelands

All Fence & Gates Company Policies


Workplace Health, Safety & Environment Policy

All Fence & Gates is committed to being an ethically and morally responsible company and has developed an Integrated Management System that seeks to comply with AS/NZS 4801:2001 Guidelines for Work Health and Safety Management System:
Specifications with Guidance for Use and AS/NZS ISO14001:2004 Environment
Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use.

All Fence & Gates places the highest emphasis on Health, Safety and Environment Management in conducting its daily business.

All Fence & Gates recognises that legal compliance is regarded as a minimum standard and our objective is to ensure our activities comply fully with statutory regulations. Our business goals support and strongly encourage the conservation and protection of the environment.

The company believes this key objective will benefit all people involved in its activities. We are committed to achieving this objective through the constant promotion and improvement of working practices; control of health, safety and environment hazards; and health, safety and environmental awareness on the part of every person involved, including that of our contractors.

To achieve these objectives, All Fence & Gates shall:

  1. Promote health, safety and environment management at all, All Fence & Gates locations.
  2. Ensure health, safety and environment practices and procedures are implemented and maintained throughout the company, and are relevant to the operational activity, and comply with the statutory requirements and promote the involvement of all personnel in the maintenance of a safe working environment.
  3. Ensure appropriate emergency procedures exist in all work locations and that all personnel understand the procedures relevant to their location.
  4. Provide instruction, training and supervision, dissemination of information and necessary resources to support health, safety and environment in the various areas of company activity.
  5. Ensure that there are ongoing consultation and communication with all individuals.
  6. Ensure the establishment of measurable objectives and targets for health, safety and environment to ensure continuous improvement.
  7. Provide appropriate protective equipment to comply with statutory requirements and to meet the relevant needs of each area of work activity.
  8. Ensure appropriate procedures are maintained for the reporting and review of all health, safety and environment incidents and situations likely to be hazardous to a safe working environment.
  9. Ensure appropriate procedures are in place to promote effective claims management and rehabilitation.

The Directors and Project Managers of All Fence & Gates sites are responsible for the implementation of this policy. All employees have a responsibility to follow all health, safety and environment policies and procedures and to report any hazards.

This health, Safety and Environment policy will be reviewed every 2 years as part of our Workplace Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management System Review.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

All Fence & Gates is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with legislative standards and best practice.

The company recognises that alcohol and drug misuse will impair an individual’s ability to perform work safely and further, that alcohol or drug use is not permitted while operating a vehicle or attending construction workplaces.

It is the policy of the company to protect its employees, All Fence & Gates assets, the community, and the environment in which it operates, from hazards arising from alcohol or drug misuse in the workplace.

The consumption of alcohol and illegal or prescription drugs or having a blood alcohol content beyond ZERO while performing the operation of a vehicle, plant or attending to construction workplaces is prohibited by law.

Consequently, All Fence & Gates requires the performance of its employees, contractors and other to be unimpaired by drug or alcohol use or misuse whilst on company premises, customers premises, and in the performance of work.

The illegal or unauthorised possession, consumption, sale or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs whilst on All Fence & Gates premises is strictly prohibited.

All Fence & Gates views drug or alcohol dependency as a medical condition and encourages all employees or contractors with a problem to seek confidential support and treatment.

Any employee or contractor found to be in breach of this policy shall be subject to discipline in accordance with the employee’s contract of employment.

Rehabilitation Policy

In the event of an injury or illness, All Fence & Gates is committed to ensuring a process whereby workers are able to achieve restoration from occupational ill health or injury to the fullest physical, mental, social, vocational and economic usefulness for which they are capable of.

It is a process, which begins at the moment of occupational injury or illness and continues until the employee is as fully recovered as possible to optimum health.

Where an injury or illness does occur in the workplace, All Fence & Gates is committed to ensuring that an injured worker is returned to safe, productive and fulfilling employment as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this major goal of our policy, All Fence & Gates will provide Occupational Rehabilitation, designed in conjunction with the worker and their doctor, to an employee who incurs an injury or illness and in accordance with legislative standards and best practice.

To ensure the success of this policy, Management undertakes to:
  • Strive to achieve an incident-free workplace.
  • Appoint a Rehabilitation Coordinator to manage rehabilitation process.
  • Provide suitable duties (where available) should an employee be unable to return to their pre-injury duties on a permanent basis.
  • Ensure that legislative rehabilitation obligations are met.
  • Commence rehabilitation after an injury or illness in accordance with medical advice. Liaise with all parties involved in planning and implementing rehabilitation.
  • Monitor the progress of employees undergoing workplace based rehabilitation.
Employees will undertake to:
  • Notify the Rehabilitation Coordinator of any injury or illness as soon as possible.
  • To cooperate and participate fully in rehabilitation programs that are designed to assist a return to work.

Alternative Duties
The provision of alternative duties would need to satisfy the following elements:
  1. A program for the graduated return to work will be established to meet each need.
  2. The duties will be meaningful, contribute to the work environment and include task variety where this is practicable.
  3. The injured employee’s overall return to normal duties will be monitored to ensure that reasonable progress is being achieved.
  4. Prior to the provision of alternative duties being provided, the Rehabilitation Coordinator will consult with the following parties where applicable:
    1. Injured employee
    2. Treating Doctor
    3. Rehabilitation Provider

Fatigue Management Policy

All Fence & Gates is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

To further this commitment, the following Fatigue Management Policy details the company’s program to ensure that our workers are not subjected to conditions that expose them to fatigue.

The company acknowledges its obligations under legislative standards and Department of Transport Fatigue Management Guidelines and is committed to acting responsibly to ensure that its employees, operations, customers and the community are not placed at risk.

All Fence & Gates recognises that fatigue will impair a worker’s ability to perform work safely. Employees are an integral part of the business operations and further, the company is committed to assisting its employees to ensure that fatigue does not become an issue in the workplace through appropriate education and rostering of working hours.

When in charge of company vehicles during working hours, all of All Fence & Gates workers and subcontractors have a responsibility to themselves and other drivers and pedestrians.

In order to assist workers to understand and recognise the issues surrounding driver and operator fatigue, All Fence & Gates has included Fatigue Management in WHS training and all new workers will undergo the company Induction which includes this important health and safety issue prior to commencing work.

Quality Policy

All Fence & Gates is committed to being an ethically and morally responsible company and has developed an Integrated Management System that seeks to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

The company recognises that legal compliance is regarded as a minimum standard and strongly encourages actions beyond statutory regulations, which promote best practice in product and service delivery, that support our business goals.

All Fence & Gates is committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets, as well as continual improvement aimed at the elimination of impacts on the quality of our product.

Procedures have been developed that detail the methods for identification of critical points of delivery of the final built structure. These critical points will be used as the basis for establishing quality objectives and targets.

Identified critical points during construction will be assessed to determine their compliance with the Quality Standard through regular inspection and testing. Such testing shall be documented and corrective actions initiated where required.

All workers and subcontractors are advised of this policy during site-specific inductions and are encouraged to raise any issues regarding quality management.

All incidents that have the potential to impact on the quality of the final product must be reported to All Fence & Gates immediately.

To assist in the reporting process, Corrective Action Requests will be completed and passed to the Project Manager or nominated representative for all incidents on site, including quality issues. These forms are available from Senior Management.