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Fences & Gates in Darwin

All Fence & Gates, in Darwin, is a Northern Territory manufacturer and installer of fences and gates that will stand the test of time in the Top End.
You’re in the right place to find quality fencing at the right price for any residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property.
For commercial and industrial areas, we have ideal security fencing and gate solutions.
Pool Fencing is also available at All Fence & Gates.
Black aluminium fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
The durability of our products is outstanding. These are fences and gates designed to stand up to the intense weather we experience in the Northern Territory—the distress of the Dry and the worst of the Wet.

Now in our 4th decade of operation and with a combined 100 years of experience among our personnel, choosing All Fence & Gates is a guarantee of excellence and value for your money.

We manufacture in-house at All Fence & Gates, which gives you the freedom to order custom sizes and designs. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours.

Our range of quality fencing focuses on the best products for conditions in the Northern Territory and includes:

ColorMAX Colorbond Fencing

Colormax colorbond fencing — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
All Fence & Gates is the sole distributor and stockist in the Northern Territory of ColorMAX® neighbour-friendly boundary fencing.

ColorMAX is fully cyclone-coded and is now included in the Deemed to Comply Manual. Australian-made and backed by the strength of a Bluescope Steel warranty, ColorMAX is available in pressed 3D lattice or LouvrLAT. There are 25 colours to choose from.

Slats & Louvres

The sleek design of our steel or aluminium Slatted Fencing and Gates will add style to your home. Varied spacing of the louvered slats—vertical or horizontal—allows your privacy requirements to be customised.

Our Slatted Fencing and Gates are available in your choice of colours and heights.
Slat fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

Steel Picket Fencing

Steel Picket Fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
Traditional timber picket fences are at the mercy of conditions, often suffering rot, warping, and generally deteriorating until the need for replacement.
Our Steel Picket Fence®, on the other hand, has the traditional look that withstands the toughest conditions. Manufactured from Pre-gal steel, It’s powder-coated, or coated with DuraBond®, which is designed for marine environments.
No painting ever. It needs only a periodical wash down to maintain the finish.
The steel pickets can either be face-welded or punched through the rail. This is sturdy construction and a stylish finish that is built to defy not only severe weather but also vandals and accidental impact.
Call us today to learn more about our Steel Picket Fence products.

Farm Fencing

Post and Rail Farm Fencing from All Fence & Gates is the sensible investment for termite-proof, fire-resistant and classic-looking fencing to contain livestock on your property.
Available in 2, 3, or 4 rail options and 100mm x 100mm posts, our Post and Rail Farm Fencing is built to last. It is manufactured from Australian-made pre-galvanised steel and is powder coated.
Unlike conventional wood fencing, our Post and Rail Farm Fencing needs no painting or maintenance.
Call us today for a free quote on your farm fencing.
Steel Picket Fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

WALLMax Fencing

Industrialized fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
WALLMax® Panel Wall Fencing features modular panels set between large pillar style posts with cappings. It is fabricated from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium.
Being both sturdy and stylish, WALLMax is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
It provides a very cost-effective sound barrier between neighbours and in commercial situations.
WALLMax panels can be finished in a variety of coatings and unlimited colours.
The benefits of WALLMax include:
  • Ideal for Residential & Commercial installation
  • No footings required
  • Adapts easily to sloping sites
  • Excellent noise barrier—up to 20dB sound reduction
  • Looks the same on both sides
  • Masonry wall appearance
  • Noise barrier
  • Feature wall
  • Can include decorative tubular, louvre, or TimberSLAT® louvres. Fixed or adjustable.
  • Fast install by anyone with basic handyman skills (2 people: 50m in 2 days).
WALLMax Panel Wall Fencing is popular in residential and commercial situations and is often used for feature walls at urban sites, including parklands. It achieves a masonry wall appearance with no footings required.

In a couple of days, two people with average handyman skills can put up 50m of WALLMax Panel Wall Fencing. On Day One, the posts are concreted in. On Day Two, the wall is assembled.

If damage occurs (e.g. a car crash), the damaged panels can simply be replaced.

This new style of garden wall, in corrosion-resistant aluminium, is a great alternative to the traditional privacy wall. It quickly brings prestige styling and privacy to an estate.

It’s easy to install a letterbox. After cutting a recess into the wall panels, a 2-part letterbox can then be installed and the recess sealed.

Call us today to learn more about WALLMax Panel Wall Fencing.

Security & Industrial

At All Fence & Gates, we are specialists in securing properties of any size—industrial sites, sporting facilities, marine precincts, government facilities, crocodile farms… in fact any areas or premises that need secure boundary or perimeter fencing.
Your fence height and gate width requirements will not be a problem. We custom manufacture at our Pinelands factory.
Delivery and installation at your site will be managed by our seasoned team of installers. Equipment needed for the installation is also easily within our scope. We have forklifts and earthmoving equipment at the ready.
Call us today for a free quote for your security or industrial fencing needs.
Industrialized fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT

Pool & Garden Fencing

Pool fence — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT
Our Pool and Garden Fencing is manufactured in steel or aluminium and a choice of several designs and options is available. Choose from Pre-Gal, Hot Dipped Gal, Aluminium, or DuraBOND®.
For strength and rigidity in our tubular fencing, we drill through the rail. For rust prevention, all welding is done with silicon bronze wire. Quality makes all the difference.
Glass Pool Fencing is also available.
Pool fencing, including automatically latching safety gates, is completed in full compliance with Council and Northern Territory regulations.
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At All Fence & Gates, you’ll find a range of letterboxes. These are quality products designed to cope not only with the weather but also with your expectations, regarding capacity, style and colour.
These letterboxes are also designed for easy installation to our fencing.
Call us today to find out more about the letterboxes you can order from All Fence & Gates.
Letterboxes — Fencing Darwin in Pinelands, NT